Frequently Asked Questions / policies

Are there any SAFETY rules?

Speed Limit is 5 MPH; please watch out for children. No open flames; grills, candles, fireworks of any kind. No glass bottles. Wear appropriate footwear and watch where you are walking. No running.  You may wish to bring a flashlight if need to walk between our facilities and your car after dark. Report unsafe conditions to any staff member.  We are here to help so just ask.

What time do you open?

Starlight Drive-In is open seasonally, April –September, weekends only in spring & fall and 4 nights in peak-season, which is Memorial Day thru Labor Day.  Gates open at least 1 hour ahead of show time depending on time of year & the day of week. Please check our recording or Facebook for exact times. Shows begin at dusk and are shown rain or shine.  No refunds are given for inclement weather.

Do I get to watch two movies with one ticket? 

Yes! We show double features on each screen every night…that’s two full length movies, one after the other with a 10 minute intermission in between them. For your admission price, you get to enjoy 2 movies on a single screen.  Due to licensing from our movie producers, you are not permitted to switch screens once a movie starts.  You are more than welcome to purchase an additional ticket to the other screen before the movies start or during our brief intermission.

How do I purchase tickets?

You can purchase tickets with cash or credit card at the box office each night.  For special events or premieres we may offer advance ticket sales.

What are your ticket prices?

General Admission:   $10 for ages 12 – 64, $8 for ages 65+ (and military/vet  w/proof) , $5 for ages 4 – 12, children 3 & under are free! (Prices subject to change.) You get TWO movies for that price.  Carload Nite – Thursdays during peak season (Memorial Day – Labor Day) for $20 per car.

Can I bring my own food, snacks, and drinks?

Sorry, no outside food and drinks allowed. You are welcome to visit The Starlight Café featuring everything from a snack to a delicious full meal.  Remember, drive-ins are only able to operate because of food sales; your support is greatly appreciated!

How do I hear the movies?

We broadcast sound through our own FM frequencies. You will need to have a working car radio or boom box.

What time do the movies start?

We show the movies under the great big sky! So, we have to wait until after the sun goes down.  Dusk in July is a very different time than dusk in late September. For up-to-date information, call our feature hotline at 724-284-5003 or check our Facebook page.

Where are you located?

We are located 1985 North Main Street Extension, Butler PA 16003 (Route 8, about 5 miles north of Butler PA).

Do you offer group pricing or discount tickets?

Yes, large groups (20 or more) may contact us at [email protected] for more information or call 724-285-7466 evenings.

What is your rain check policy?

We are open rain or shine. We only offer rain checks if we lose electric service, preventing us from continuing to show the movie. Otherwise our screens are quite visible through rain. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We gladly accept cash, VISA/MasterCard, American Express, Discover and debit cards with the VISA/MasterCard logo. We do not accept checks.

Do you offer gift certificates or gift cards?

Yes. Gift Cards can be bought on site during operating hours.

Can I leave my car running during the show?

During the early Spring and late Fall cars may stay running to run the heater. Our Policy is you may keep your car running if you don’t have the following.

  • After market muffler
  • Diesel Engine
  • Running / Head lights that stay on
  • Unusually loud engine or fan

This is to ensure the best viewing possible for all our guests.

Can I sit outside of my car in lawn chairs?

You are welcome to sit in front of your vehicle, in lawn chairs. Please do not sit on top of your car. It’s dangerous and blocks other’s view of the screen. We do ask that you place lawn chairs in front of your car so that you do not take up additional parking.  For safety and courtesy of others, we cannot allow you to sit on top of your vehicle.

Can I turn my SUV/ Van/ Truck around and open the hatch?

We want you to be as comfortable as you can while you watch your movies, so feel free to turn your vehicle around. Please be sure that your dome lights are turned off so not to bother other movie-goers and that your hatch does not obstruct the view of those behind you.  We ask that you have the hatch no higher than the top of your roof.

Do I have to stay for both movies? Can I arrive later for the second movie only?

Please feel free to arrive and leave at any time. Our box office remains open until the beginning of the latest starting second feature. If you arrive for your movie after it has started, we do ask that you turn off your headlights and run parking lights only so as not to bother the other patrons. The ticket prices are the same if you stay for both movies or only wish to see one.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes! We always welcome the furry members of your family but do ask that they are kept quiet and on a leash while outside your vehicle. Please be considerate of other guests and clean up after your pet!

Is smoking allowed?

Yes, but only if it doesn’t bother your neighbors and the cigarette butts are not thrown on the ground.

Is alcohol allowed?

No alcohol permitted on the property.

What is there to do before the movie?

We have a large lawn to play games and an arcade. You can visit the Starlight Café to enjoy dinner before the movie.

How early should I arrive?

On busy nights such as Fridays, Saturdays, or holidays, we suggest arriving when the gates open.  We fill up fast once we open our gates on busy nights, and arriving early is the only way to get a good viewing spot.

Parking Policy:

One space per car. Spaces may not be reserved or saved. Chairs must be placed in front of your vehicle. Again, for your safety, please do not lie on blankets until the movie starts. Traffic may not see you!

No parking on the outside perimeter of the theatre.

You’re welcome to meet your friends here, but please bring your vehicle in with you. The outside perimeter is an enforced tow-away zone at all times.

NO “OUT & IN”.

If you leave during the evening, your ticket may not be used to re-admit you to the drive-in.

Be considerate of the folks around you.

Do not raise voices, radios, or noises loud enough to disturb other patrons. This especially applies to subwoofers and high-powered sound systems. We’re glad you can enjoy your electronic investment here, but it must not be (in our judgment) excessively loud.  If it can be heard on a different screen, it’s too loud.

Do not sound your horn.

There is no part of our program where you’ll ever be asked to sound your horn, and we ask that you not do this for any reason. If you need the attention of theatre staff, you’ll find us in or around the snack bar throughout the evening.  Please be courteous to our neighbors outside the theatre grounds.

Never put a light of any sort onto the screen.

This includes spot lights and laser devices. If you are causing a disturbance with a laser pointer you will be asked to leave without refund.

No Reserving Spaces

In the interest of fairness, all parking spaces are without reserve – first come, first choice. Do not take up more than one space per vehicle. Please park within one foot of a speaker post (when possible)and place your chairs in front of the vehicle.

Lights Off During the Movie

Parking lights are acceptable when parking after dark as long as they are not disturbing your neighbor. If you have daytime running lights, most will deactivate if you turn the ignition key to off, set the emergency brake, and then restart the vehicle. Some will deactivate simply by setting the emergency brake while the car is running. If you engage the brake one notch, you can keep your lights off while entering and exiting the theatre. If you do this, do not forget to release the brake before driving on the highway. Interior car lights can be distractive to others. Please try to limit their usage by avoiding repeated door openings.

No vulgar, profane, or loud voices; and no disorderly or inappropriate conduct.

Please be courteous of others, and remember that this is a family theatre. Anyone violating our rules will be leaving without a refund!

Watch Your Children

Parents, always keep your children under direct supervision such that their actions do not disturb other patrons or endanger themselves. Keep visual contact of your children at all times.

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

Shirt and shoes are required in the concession by the health department.  Please do not carry shoeless children.

Dispose of Your Garbage

Please dispose of all your garbage. Trash containers are available in and around the concession stand. Treat our grounds as you would your lawn.

Vandalism Not Tolerated

Willful acts of disruption or vandalism will result in expulsion from our grounds without a refund. We may call the police at our discretion.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are looking for friendly faces with a great attitude looking to provide our guests excellent service. Applications are accepted in person during operating hours. We may also post special hiring event times.


Management reserves the right to revoke admission at any time without refund at their discretion upon breaking any rule(s).  A Manager will be happy to speak with you.